As Exalted Ruler for Apache Junction Elks Lodge 2349, I feel it’s important to take this opportunity to name Apache Junction Elks Lodge Officer, Elk, and Volunteer of the Month for December 2023.

Our Officer of the Month is Vicki Petrosky who does so much for our Elks Lodge and continued stepping up for us in December by being our *Tentative House Committee Chairman in addition to her current roles & responsibilities and also filling in on a few things in December for our Lodge Secretary in Lodge Meetings.

Our Elk of the Month is Glo N Leslie (Gloria Leslie) who’s done a phenomenal job as our Media Chairman and improving our website, social media, and marketing. She’s far exceeded her roles and her passion & willingness to find resources in and outside of our own Elks Lodge to take this area to long overdue improvements. I can’t wait to see where she takes us in the next 6 months.

Our Volunteer of the Month is Sandie Russell for the superb job she did again this year in December making a major difference and impact in the lives of 35 children and 14 families for Christmas.

None of these three people do it for the recognition (and they are just a critical part of a Village that makes it become reality) but they are most definitely worth acknowledging and our incredible gratitude for what they’ve done for our community and Apache Junction Elks Lodge 2349!

Rob Heywood, Exalted Ruler, BPOE Lodge #2349