As Exalted Ruler for Apache Junction Elks Lodge 2349, I feel it’s important to take this opportunity to name Apache Junction Elks Lodge Officer, Elk, and Volunteer of the Month for January 2024.

Our Officer of the Month is Sherry Coker. Sherry does so much for our Elks Lodge and continues stepping up for us in January 2024. She was appointed to our new House Committee which will be in effect through March 31st, 2024. This is in addition to Sherry being our Trustee Chairman and a member of our Marketing Committee. She has also filled in for various roles during our Lodge Meetings. Sherry‘s volunteering also included her taking ownership and working with Shelley Oehm to personally take the long overdue chore of cleaning our 5 rotating smoke eaters (quite the dirty undertaking!). Sherry also donated her time, focus, and energy to efforts in resolving issues with our water pump obstacles.

Our Elk of the Month is Wil Morse. Wil has done and continues to do, a phenomenal job as our RV Camp Host. Wil’s dedication to providing quality, friendly, and professional hospitality and customer service to our guests is exceptional! Wil always has a smile on his face and is always willing to help in any way he can. He makes his rounds frequently and answers questions & partners with appropriate people to resolve any issues or concerns!

Our Volunteer of the Month is Holly Bender. Holly has done an exceptional job in January volunteering countless hours to secure 2 grants for our Apache Junction Elks Lodge (the ENF Beacon Grant and the ENF Gratitude Grant). Holly does a superb job with our Marketing Committee and weekly and monthly email blasts. She far exceeds expectations in communication with those who help make things happen behind the scenes. Her passion, professionalism, and communication skills are a huge blessing to our Apache Junction Elks Lodge!
None of these three people do it for the recognition (they are a critical part of a village that makes it become reality) but they are most definitely worth acknowledging and our incredible gratitude for what they’ve done for our community and Apache Junction Elks Lodge 2349!

Rob Heywood, Exalted Ruler, BPOE Lodge #2349