Our Officers of the Month are Ralph Henderson and Rocky Bonillas. Rocky and Ralph stepped up in many ways in February 2024. We couldn’t have had the stellar month we experienced without them.

Ralph, not only a Past Exalted Ruler (PER) but a Past District Deputy to the Grand Exalted Ruler (PDDGER), leads several of our Lodge Meetings to facilitate Nominations and Voting nights, he is also a member of our House Committee, does a lot for our 31 in 31 days, frequently at our Elks Lodge to provide mentorship and as one of our Trustees, took ownership & oversight of our new TVs and Sound System in our back dining room.

Rocky continues to facilitate Texas Holdem Poker on Thursday nights and works diligently & endlessly behind the scenes for so many things at the Elks Lodge. He puts in countless hours, endless effort, and dedication for our Apache Junction Elks Lodge 2349.

Our Elks of the Month are Stephenie Jentink and Mark Dominick.
Stephenie not only has managed a quality staff and tremendous & tasty food options for us, but she also does so much volunteer work at our Lodge with an incredible and undeniable passion for Elkdom & the future of Apache Junction Elks Lodge.

Mark has done a phenomenal job getting our new TVs and Sound System installed in our Non-Smoking Back Dining Room and facilitating our abilities to improve Bingo on Sundays & Karaoke. Mark spent countless hours accomplishing all this with a humble, professional, and knowledgeable attitude!

Our Volunteer of the Month is Michael “Buck” Brigner. Another fantastic and successful Brat Party to kick off the 60th Lost Dutchman Days Rodeo at our Apache Junction Elks Lodge and representing Apache Junction Elks Lodge at the Rodeo Grounds every day of the Rodeo. Undoubtedly, it took a lot of volunteers to accomplish everything. Buck and his superb team pulled it off again this year flawlessly!
None of these five people do it for the recognition (they are just a critical part of a Village that makes it become reality…) but they are most definitely worth acknowledging and our incredible gratitude for what they’ve done for our community and Apache Junction Elks Lodge 2349!!! Please tell them how much you appreciate them next time you see them.

Rob Heywood, Exalted Ruler, BPOE Lodge #2349